Saturday, September 17, 2011

Sunflower Seeds

Culture Differences...

Sunflower seeds are very common to be eaten by human in Turkey. It is one of the stress therapies as consumed mainly by the scene of a coast or by watching a soap opera.

It was so unbelievable to me when I realized that it is used only for bird feed, or sometimes only for salad dressing in Europe.

In order to prove that I have tested, with three friends of mine; Romanian, German and Irish. Only Romanian has the same use of Sun Flower Seeds... And in Wikipedia I found this;

In-shell sunflower seeds are particularly popular in Mediterranean and Asian countries, including EgyptSyriaIsraelTurkey, and Malaysia, where they may be called garinimayçekirdeği, or kuaci. In Turkey, Syria and Israel they can be bought freshly roasted in shops andmarkets and are a common stadium food, while in Malaysia they can be bought freshly packed in various roasted flavors. They are also popular in countries worldwide including RussiaUkraineBulgariaRomaniaSpainChinaMoroccoIranCanada and the United States.

Success for Romanian ... :)

For German and Irish it is a bit hard to manage... :)

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