Saturday, September 17, 2011

Adventure Begins - Provence

The idea of taking the photos of lavenders have been in my mind for a while. But it did not start with that thought. It had been started in one morning with a mail from Pegasus Airlines, about cheap flights to Europe.

I checked the destinations, and decided to go to Marseille. At that time I was thinking of Marseille is in Italy. :) It was somewhere in Mediterranean and it was enough for me. I bought the tickets without any hesitation in 10 minutes.

I got the visa, and time. So why not Marseille... :)

I did not make any plans, because what I would like to have is a spontaneous vacation. I had just booked the first day of my travel. Which was the 10th of August.

As the time was getting closer, I have started to look in the internet. And I realized that by chance I may see the lavenders. They are harvesting from July to mid August so I may have a chance for that. As it is close to the end of the harvesting, web forums were advising to go to northern part of Provence, since it was still colder.

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  1. I would like to take attention to the right side of the photo...It is a bee... :)