Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Day 1 - Marseille Airport to Venasque

I had a diesel Renault Twingo, from the car rental. I did not spend the money on navigation, because it would cost me around 100 eur for 5 days, instead I trust my instincts and a small map I took from the car rental office.

I should go to Venasque, north north north...Until see a lavender field... :)

The road was beautiful, in each village or small town has an entrance of main road with huge trees on both side, and you feel yourself in a tunnel covered with leaves. Lime stones and Mediterranean kind of plantation on small hills were illuminated with the early light of sun, which cover with mild orange color.
As I do not know the road, I was taking the circle junctions twice, to see all the possible road alternatives. I decided to stop in Avignon, before going to Venasque.

The city was covered with walls, and just beside it there was a Vaucluse river for stopping the old warriors to attack the city of Pope. During the middle age, when Rome was so vulnerable to attacks, Pope moved to Avignon for a period of time.

To be continued....

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